IRCFreakz IRC Network Staff Structure Is As Follows.

Global Operator (OPER) - A Global Operator assists the network management with day to day operations of the network in relation to answering questions from users, greeting users as they come onto any official IRCFreakz IRC Network channel. A Global Operators duties might slightly vary from day to day depending on what needs to be done

Server Administrator (ADMIN) - A Server Administrator is responsible for the management of their server and staff. A Server Administrator must complete the test link period before given access to the services.

Services Operator (SO) - A Services Operator is to assist Global Operators & Server Administrators set akills/glines etc for unwanted users across the network and is also to assist the Services Administrators, Services Root Administrators & Network Admins in the extra little complex but not so complex issues that arise around the network from time to time

Services Administrator (SA) - A Services Administrators are to assist with more complex issues that a SO & Global Operator may need assistance with as they do not have the access to look up certain details that a user might request

Services Root Administrator (SRA) - Generally SRA status is ONLY granted to the Network Administrators & Network Founder, if the Network Management find it necessary to grant an operator with such access it will be through merit and time served by the operator

Technical Network Administrator (TechNetAdmin) - A Technical Network Administrator assists the Network Founder in the operations of the network in relation to server upgrades etc and implementing new ideas and functions across the network…. To be appointed to the position of TechNetAdmin you MUST bring a set of skills that complement the skills already obtained by the network management

Network Founder (NF) - Well JedStar is the Network Founder and is NOT above the rules, all IRCFreakz IRC Network rules and policies apply to the Network Founder