Routing Policy

IRCFreakz IRC Network Routing Policy is as follows.
Your nickname MUST be registered with NickServ for a minimum of 10 days before submitting a Application. If you wish to link a server (NOT PyLink) to the IRCFreakz IRC Network then it has to be operating on at least a VPS machine or higher, be it co-location or dedicated. Shell servers will currently not be accepted unless they are from an area which is not already serviced by an IRCFreakz IRC Network server.
The VPS server must have the following specs at the bare minimum.
256MB Ram
10gig HDD
10Mbps connection to the internet
250GB of Data transfer per month
*nix flavoured operating system

The server administrator must have permission of the owner of the system to run an IRCd from their locations. A server will NOT be looked at for linkage unless a completed server application form has been submitted. A Server Administrator MUST NOT have any staff during the test-link period, after the test-link period the Server Administrator may appoint a Co-Server Administrator If the Server Administrator has staff in mind for their server, the particular user MUST still fill out a staff application form which is on the website Once granted a test link, the Server Administrator is the ONLY one to oper up on the server until the server is granted full link status to the network. The testlink period lasts for 7 days upon server linking to the IRCFreakz IRC Network A testlink server is NOT added to the DNS pool until testlink is completed It will be the Routing Teams decision at the end of the day if the server gets linked or not.

Routing Application