Emails jedstar
Howdy all

Just writing to you today to inform you that we are currently creating our own mail server, so we may not be able to receive any emails for a short period of time

Infrastructure Updatejedstar
We are currently in the process of migrating over to a new mail server which is hosted by one of own servers instead of the current setup we have.... Please bare with us while we undertake this process.... Thank you

New Serverjedstar
We have a new server based in England named paisley

It is admin'd by adro

Please welcome paisley to the network as well as adro

Scheduled Network Maintenancejedstar
Due to re-structuring since the IRCFreakz IRC Network has been lucky enough to have a variety of new servers join the network....

Silicon-Valley.IRCFreakz.Net and DownUnder.IRCFreakz.Net will be delinked sometime this week and a slight re-structure of services delivered by the staff @ IRCFreakz for all users and staff to enjoy....

Stay tuned for updates

New Serverjedstar
Please welcome the paisley server which is based in the UK.... Today it begins it's 7 day testlink to the network

Network Outagejedstar
Network Outage:

The weirdo server from Sweden is currently isolated from the network and the box where the server sits is currently unresponsive...

The outage is being investigated by the Admin who is currently on holidays in India.... This will be resolved as soon as the holidays permit & I can find the time today being my brothers wedding day

Happy New Years 2018jedstar
IRCFreakz IRC Network Staff wishes everybody a successful and prosperous 2018

Website Updatesjedstar
There has been more information added to the Services Section under the Network Resources Menu of the website....

If you want to see something here on the website, please contact the IRCFreakz Staff and they can bring it to the attention of the Web Team..

Happy New Years 2018jedstar
From all the staff @ IRCFreakz IRC Network, we wish everyone a very awesome New Years Eve and a great 2018.... Hope to see you all around the Network

Server Links/Network Updatejedstar
The weirdo server admin'd by SaD has granted permlink status after completing testlink period

The Newymods & Medica servers admin'd by Anthony has granted permlink status after completing testlink period

Both servers have been added to appropriate DNS pools

There are also going to be slight changes to the administration and operations of the IRCFreakz IRC Network... Details to be released shortly

cmans server updatesjedstar
Just wanted to let all know that cmans servers in the 3 locations that he has provided to the IRCFreakz IRC Network have all passed their testlink period and are now apart of the appropriate DNS pools.

Congrats cman on passing the test link periods

wwchat pylinkjedstar
After a period of absence due to a slight misunderstanding between the IRCFreakz staff and the wwchat staff, the wwchat PyLink network has returned and linked in with the IRCFreakz IRC Network amongst a few other small networks.

We welcome back Rascle and Speakz

Server Linksjedstar
In the past few days we at IRCFreakz have had the pleasure of adding 3 more servers.

2 of these servers belong to anthonym and one is based in Australia and the other based in New York City.

SaD has been gracious enough to link a server from Sweden which brings the total of EU based servers to 3. SaD is considering filling out a further application for another EU based server.

We have jigged the website a little in regards to adding some more pages and information regarding the IRCFreakz IRC Network

We are currently in the process of maybe getting a few more servers linked and the admin team for these servers have got 15+ years of IRC knowledge

Stay tuned for further information & updates

Network Updatejedstar
Howdy fellow life travelers.... Sorry it has been a bit quiet lately.... But here is a few updates regarding the network....

IRCFreakz has welcomed Athena administering the moonwolf server which is based in the USA

IRCFreakz has also welcomed cman administering the raptor server which is based in France, cman has also applied to link 2 additional servers from the USA, one from Colorado & the other from New York....

We welcome them both with their solid knowledge of IRC and workings of the IRC world...

Network Updatejedstar
Sorry it has been slow progress on getting things to the new website... We are slowly making our way there... Some exiting times ahead for the IRCFreakz IRC Network

New Services Operatorjedstar
moocow has been promoted to the position of Services Operator...

New Staff Memberjedstar
moocow has joined the IRCFreakz IRC Network staff as a global operator.... He brings years of experience in IRC Network administration and other valuable skills and assets to bring to the IRCFreakz knowledge pool

Planned Shutdown & Restart of Serversjedstar

21/09/2017 1800hrs AEST till approx 2000hrs there will be a shutdown and Restart of all machines which our servers reside on across the globe.

Due to recent updates/upgrades to the Operating Systems which the IRC servers are residing on, the VPS requires a shutdown and Restart of the machines.... This will happen over a 2 hour window of time so we can make sure all services are back online....



Updates jedstar
We are still in the process of implementing things here on the website..... IRCFreakz IRC Network is taking applications for IRCFreakz branded fully linked servers versus a Pylinked server/network.... We will consider applications of both forms of linking based on their merit....



If you would like to provide feedback on your experience on IRCFreakz IRC Network.... Join the network and pop into #IRCFreakz and speak to a staff member or send an email

New Websitejason
Seems there was some complications with the move to my server. A few people was unable to access the site. Im sorry about that. I have switched back to our florida server, And moved the new site there as well. Again, Im sorry for the disruption. :/

New Websitejason
With the threats of irma against our florida server, Which also hosted our old website.. The switch to the new website has been bumped up a bit. Instead of moving the old site to another machine out of harms way, I got the green light from JedStar to switch over to the new website, Currently being hosted by my own server located in canada. Well out of harms way. Please feel free to msg me with feedback, Suggestions, Or any errors you may find on this site. I hope you like the hard work i've put into it. Enjoy! :)